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Founding Partners, Ryan & James Cueva are excited to share their passion of Bringing the Entertainment to You! 

Meet Ryan and James Cueva

Ryan Cueva


Ryan has grown up with a passion for music all his life. Opting to watch MTV as a child, while all his friends were watching cartoons, his first concert was at age 7 when he convinced his parents that seeing Journey would be the perfect birthday gift for him. Fast forward to his first job at age 16 working in a restaurant with live music every weekend, Ryan quickly fell in love with the business side of music. By age 18 he was working backstage for special events and learning the music festival business from the ground up.


Never losing sight of his passion, after graduating from college and moving back to Southern California, Ryan spent the next 20 years working for Omega Events, producing large music festivals and concert series up and down the coast as the VP of Operations and Sponsorship Development. While large events may be on pause for now, Ryan is excited with the opportunity to continue with his passion of Bringing Entertainment to You!

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James Cueva

Co-Founder & Business Development

James moved from New York to California in 2002 where he has pursued his passion for the luxury retail world. Working for Louis Vuitton for nearly 10 years as one of the youngest managers in the company's history gave him invaluable experience. Moving on to other luxury brands such as Montblanc & Jaeger-LeCoultre, James was responsible for not only managing the boutiques, but also creating special event programs to bring exposure to the brands while entertaining his best clients.


James excels with his customer service skills and networking ability, bringing the non-profit world together with luxury brands to create win-win experiences. James has the eye for design and will put his luxury touch on everything he designs, treating you, the client, like the VIP you are.

We Bring the Entertainment to You!

No matter what your goal or budget is, we can work with your ideas to bring a memorable and entertaining experience to your event.

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